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Women Can Be So Creepy Sometimes!

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Women Can Be Very Creepy


  1. Of or producing a sensation of uneasiness or fear, as of things crawling on one’s skin: a creepy feeling; a creepy story.
  2. Annoyingly unpleasant; repulsive: the creepy kids next door.

Let’s Go Hula Hooping!

As a Martial Artist, I find any activity having to do with human movement fascinating and potentially useful. That is why I jumped at the chance to visit a Hula Hooping meet-up in Houston Tx. Houston Hooper Stahs meets at a public park (Hermann Park), where they do their thing to music from 10:30 to noon on Sundays.

A recent encounter reminded me of something important enough to be put in writing.

The ‘Oh No It’s A Guy’ Talk

When I arrived, I was taken aside by the event organizer and given “the speech,” reserved for males(or so I was told). The only way that I can describe the speech is that it was very creepy (see and use literal definition above), mentally intrusive, and sad. I was told that the group consisted primarily of women who were “reclaiming” themselves and that this, in addition to there being children around, should bring to my awareness a need to respect their “boundaries.” In other words, I should definitely walk on eggshells and question my every move and thought lest I come across as threatening.

There’s A Feeling In The Air

I get it. I can feel it too. Maybe most of you are divorced; maybe you were sexually abused as a child, but not by me. I didn’t do it so why take it out on me? The problem does not revolve around whether or not I am a predator but the fact that this is what you see as I stand there wondering about the stock market for all you know. In your mind, you are playing out some scenario with me taking on the role of somebody that I am not. Do you get it? If not then read my other post on the topic, “Your Mind Is Not My Mind.

A Behavioral Analysis

You want me to walk on eggshells because it makes you feel empowered. It enables you to get back at that ex-husband or whomever else you feel wronged by. You want to hijack my mind so that I am no longer able to simply walk by musing about what I want to think about, but instead you want to make sure that, as I walk by, I do my best to do whatever it takes to make you think that I am not a threat. This is controlling and manipulative. Guys, realize this!

This is creepy!

Not only does it make you come across as vindictive and manipulative, but more importantly, it contributes to the general paranoia that is so rampant in our American culture. Now lucky for me I can catch on to this type of manipulative behavior. I am a mental engineer, a reverse engineer of my mind. I will fight it, and I will share my experience because I know that there are many others out there that are tricked into cowardice by your dirty little tactics.

We Can Defeat This!

The way to fight and win? Walk up to every woman and child you see on the street, in the park, and say hello. Notice that tinge of panic, as you become self-aware that you may be breaking that unwritten social code which states that to be a proper male citizen, you must run away as fast as possible from anything which might make you look like a threat. Once you realize and face this irrational fear, you will be set free from it.

That is all.

Daniel Millsap

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Frame It For Yourself

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Frame It For Yourself

The way a question is posed can affect the answer given in response.

We recently replaced our broken printer, and I was in charge of getting the thing to work. I noticed a funny thing in the process, and would like to share with you my encounter with the Framing Effect.

Change The Frame, Change The Response

If you have ever installed a new device or new software for your computer, then you are probably familiar with the screen asking you to register your device, but who wants to go out of their way to find a company’s website and enter in all their personal information along with the device serial number when the expectation is that the information will just be used to send another 20 pounds of junk in the mail?

HP had a different solution. Instead of framing the question like this: “Would you like to take the time to visit our website, enter in your name and address along with the serial number of the printer you just purchased?” They framed it like this instead: “Click here to see what free rewards you may qualify for. *Device serial number will be automatically sent.”

You see, the question is the same in substance but when registration is no longer a chore but rather a chance to win something for free, people are more likely to not only go and register their device, but to do it in a damn hurry.

Can You See The Frame?

The next time you are asked a question, think about whether the question was worded the way it was for a specific reason. Have you ever seen a poll done on a major television channel with only two answer choices, neither of which you agree with? Do you think that, by giving such polls and reporting results, popular opinion can be misrepresented or even influenced?

Don’t Like The Frame? Then Change It

When you are asked a question, think about WHY the question was asked in the first place, and think about HOW the question was asked. Were you only given two choices, neither of which you agree with? If the question was fill-in-the blank, what answer would you give?

Assume that the person asking the question has very specific reasons for choosing the words to the question. Can you think of a reason WHY it was worded that way? What does the question-poser stand to gain? Better ratings? Support for legislation? Getting you to do something that you normally would not have done otherwise?

Act Now

It’s time to think for ourselves. The time is now. No one is going to take care of us. No one is going to do the thinking for us in a way that is in our best interest and not theirs. Are you ready to change?

Start Here

Daniel Millsap

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Using Social Network Analysis and Deception to Expose Anonymous Organizational Structures

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Social network collaboration graph

Come out come out wherever you are


Scheme so as to discover his plans and the likelihood of their success. Rouse him, and learn the principle of his activity or inactivity. Force him to reveal himself, so as to find out his vulnerable spots. Carefully compare the opposing army with your own, so that you may know where strength is superabundant and where it is deficient. In making tactical dispositions, the highest pitch you can attain is to conceal them; conceal your dispositions, and you will be safe from the prying of the subtlest spies, from the machinations of the wisest brains. How victory may be produced for them out of the enemy’s own tactics – that is what the multitude cannot comprehend. All men can see the tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved. Do not repeat the tactics which have gained you one victory, but let your methods be regulated by the infinite variety of circumstances. Sun Tzu.

What better way to oust an anonymous and technically savvy organization than to use their own strength (anonymity) against them? What better way to drive them from hiding than by setting a trap and then watching the ensuing communication patterns as they frantically try to determine what is going on, who issued such a statement, are we really at war with X,Y or Z?

If you follow the news then you know that every once in a while an organization known as Anonymous comes out from the shadowy landscape of cyberspace to do good or do bad, depending on who you ask or what side of an issue you believe in.

Most recently, I came across a very sophisticated piece of financial analysis (PDF) that would seem to have come from someone very adept at forensic financial analysis. Was this really something that came from the same “Anonymous” that I had come to know? If it wasn’t then would I really expect them to turn down responsibility for such a nice piece of work?

When I came across a video purported to originate from Anonymous threatening the Zeta Mexican cartel after an alleged kidnapping, I began to wonder whether or not these latest events really came from such a group or if it was a way of testing some new form of technological warfare from someone who saw the anonymous group as being a threat. (FBI CIA NSA/CSS ?)

After all, how could an invisible group deny doing something? In fact, only a few days after the video was posted, another news story came out in which the veracity of the kidnapping event itself was questioned.

If I wanted to take down a group, why not start something with a powerful group and have them do the dirty work for me? And if I was having trouble identifying who was in charge of a group that was good at hiding, why not start something REALLY BIG and then analyze the internet traffic afterwards to see where all the talk was coming from and going to?

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Daniel Millsap

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