Gamifying The Classroom – Using Gamification to improve learning

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Gamifying the classroom – using gamification to improve learning in the classroom

In 2004, I went to Beijing China to teach 1st grade English at YuYing Primary School. As a new teacher, I was thankful for my ability to adapt because nothing stayed the same for very long. Depending on the time of day or any one of a number of other variables, ensuring a smooth-running lesson required constant tweaking of the lesson plan in motion. Besides, I loved my kids and wanted them to have fun while learning.

One day, I decided to try an experiment. I wanted to see if I could use a little friendly competition to get things going and so, using materials already found in the classroom, I devised a method of teaching so that students disciplined themselves while maintaining a high level of motivation to learn. Using a combination of story telling and classroom props, here is what I did.

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Gamifying The Classroom – Using Gamification to improve learning by Daniel Millsap


After a year of hard work by my students and myself, I am happy to say that the results were spectacular. Watch Yuanna and Peter have a dialogue using the material they learned throughout the school year.


Daniel Millsap

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