Leave Sasha Grey Alone

leave Sasha Alone

Leave Sasha Alone!!!

If you don’t know who Sasha Grey is then I don’t recommend that you go and Google her unless you are home alone with a few extra minutes of “me time.”

Somehow, I ended up on the TMZ website the other day where I saw a story about Sasha Grey, an award winning actress known for her legendary oral skills, who was recently mobbed by angry parents when she tried to put her skills to good use by reading to children at an elementary school in Compton, CA.

It seems that some parents, either way too knowledgeable about the porn business or with just too much time on their hands, decided to do their American duty by Immediately calling the school to complain about Sasha Grey. Apparently, QVC was not showing anything of interest and Nancy Grace wasn’t coming on for at least another couple of hours.

Now the real question is why these parents are such porno connoisseurs that they know whom Sasha Gray is and what she is doing on a daily basis in the first place. Also, I find it ironic that Kim Kardashian and family is given a reality TV program because of or despite the fact that she made a sex tape that was released publicly. Oh and she made $millions because of it too. You don’t think your children watch that show? I can close my eyes and turn in circles while pointing straight ahead of me and when I stop and open my eyes I bet I will be pointing in the general vicinity where you will find at least one female dressed like or with hair matching a Kardashian. So what’s the big deal? Can’t you wait six more hours until Nancy Grace comes on? Did the QVC channel go offline or something? Get over it and let the lady get on with her life, which is something you must not have.

We live in a society where a girl is given her own reality TV show for making a sex tape, and yet when someone who USED TO BE making lots of sex tapes but not anymore tries to do some good in her community, everyone jumps down her throat. (No pun intended).

When you stop giving adulterers their own segment on CNN, when you stop giving girls with homemade sex tapes the publicity they need to get their own television program, when you stop buying magazines with their picture plastered on it and stopdressing like and dyeing your hair the same color to look like these girls, THEN I’ll listen to you. Until then, go back to your crocheting and let the big boys and girls get on with their life.

Would you say no to this woman?

hubba hubba

Sasha, my darling

I just want to let you know that looking at you makes me feel like I am on a roller coaster as it gently slides to the top of the mound before coming to a stop for a split second – tingling sensations arising within me as I look down far below and realize that… here I come!

So Sasha, you go girl. I’ve got your back. And you can come read to me in bed any time.

Daniel Millsap

3 thoughts on “Leave Sasha Grey Alone

  1. Daniel, while I find your post semi amusing, I have to disagree with you. Pornographers have no place in our children’s school. We need role models, not porn starts. Don’t you think so?

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