North Face | The Outerwear for Champions

NorthFace – The Outerwear of Champions

It’s that time of year again, when you can no longer stroll around the house naked or practice the Kama sutra in your back yard with that special someone because it’s just too damn cold. But wait

North Face To The Rescue

Nothing screams “I’m a confident, sexy, and independent woman” or “Hi, no time to talk now; I’m an important and busy man on my way to (receive my Nobel prize, attend an important legal meeting, speak with the shareholders) than a warm, elegant, sexy-looking Jacket from The North Face.

North Face Jackets are Sexy looking Jackets

Serious Jackets for Serious People

There’s a reason you see people climbing Mt Everest in these things. Because their clothing keeps your ass WARM. I don’t mean kind of warm in a “I can sorta almost feel my fingers but can’t move them” sort of way. No, I mean a “Oh shit it’s snowing so hard I can’t see two feet in front of me but why is it so HOT out here then” kind of warm.


These Jackets are for badasses only, so don’t bother picking one up if you aren’t one.

I can’t wait! Tell me more!

So don’t buy your loved ones a shitty Kindle Fire or an overpriced iPad this holiday season. Buy them something they NEED and something they WANT.

Get them to the North Face, Fast!

Daniel Millsap

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